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The development of digital technologies has led to the emergence of a new type of shooting — 360-degree video (also available on VR helmets and glasses). Shooting in high resolution provides an exciting experience.

Otherwise, such a video is called a widescreen video or VR. This allows everyone to see not only the images in the center of the screen, but also what is happening on the side, top and bottom.

With the help of such fascinating content, you can experience immersion in the sea and see the underwater world from all sides, find yourself in the cockpit of an airplane and visit different cities and countries.

From a creative point of view, the most important thing is to create a story that justifies the use of such technology. You can’t just take an existing idea, such as a TV script, and bring it to life in a 360-degree format. The story should be conceived in such a way that the viewer wants to look around. To achieve this effect, you can use visual cues (for example, to force the character out of the viewer’s field of view) or audio devices (for example, a loud sound or a voice-over).

The image is captured simultaneously from several cameras. Shooting is carried out from different angles, all cameras have a wide viewing angle. After shooting, the footage is compiled using special software. Thus, a single spherical space is created. The created movie can be integrated into a modern computer game or viewed separately. Often, 360-degree movies are integrated into various websites.

What devices, other than a camera, are necessary?

A tripod is a prerequisite. I have not yet encountered special tripods for shooting panoramas, we use modified video tripods of our own production. The best solution is the usual tripods for lighting-straight poles without knees. It is not recommended to use a regular tripod — its legs will necessarily be drawn into the frame, and they will have to be removed during post-processing.

A little bit about formats and how to watch movies through virtual glasses

As a rule, videos for virtual reality glasses are created in the SBS (Side-by-Side) or OU (Over-Under-Under, that is, when one image is above another) format. If a suitable VR player is installed on your phone, it will understand the movie format and convert it to SBS. At least there will be a button to switch the format.

The same applies to video players for 3D in VR on a PC — here is a list of them — they usually know what format your 3D file is in. And remember, to get a stereo effect, you need a file with a stereo pair at the beginning.

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